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We have never had a partner put this much effort into doing business. M2 is a perfect example of how our partners add value to their clients by being an extension of our team. - HPE
“The combination of cloud, VDI and Windows 10 are giving DoD—and many other agencies– the technology trifecta to bring them into the future.” – Jason Miller 1
New Product Spotlight: The Tavve ZoneRanger is a FIPS 140-2 certified IT management proxy, designed to secure network monitoring, command and control. ZoneRangers are deployed world-wide at more than 115 customer sites, representing financial services, insurance, health-care, telecommunications, manufacturing, and retail industries as well as service providers, utilities, and federal government.
Cloud computing offers the government an opportunity to be more efficient, agile, and innovative through more effective use of IT investments and by applying innovations developed in the private sector.” — Vivek Kundra1
“Prevention of damage to, protection of, and restoration of computers, electronic communications systems, electronic communications services, wire communication, and electronic communication, including information contained therein, to ensure its availability, integrity, authentication, confidentiality, and nonrepudiation.”1
“We envision a Big Data innovation ecosystem in which the ability to analyze, extract information from, and make decisions and discoveries based upon large, diverse, and real-time datasets enable new capabilities for Federal agencies and promotes new economic growth.”1
M2 Technology works with a wide, diverse group of partners to handle business critical systems, storage systems, industry standard servers, blade technology, thin clients, networking and enterprise software.1
M2 Technology works with a wide, diverse group of partners to handle business critical systems, storage systems, industry standard servers, blade technology, thin clients, networking and enterprise software.1

M2 is an authorized NetApp partner and has delivered a wide range of NetApp solutions to our Federal customers. M2 supports the full range of NetApp NAS, SAN, and object storage solutions, including NetApp technology for security & ransomware protection and Storage-as-a-Service with NetApp Keystone.

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Data Center Infrastructure

Definition - Data Center: a facility equipped with or connected to one or more computers, used for processing or transmitting data.1
Definition - Data Center: the department in an enterprise that houses and maintains back-end information technology (IT) systems and data stores—its mainframes, servers and databases.2

M2 Technology's unique solution development practice supports Federal Agencies in the research, identification, solution development, verification and acquisition of the components necessary to run their data centers – large or small. M2 has many years experience providing the technology required to make today’s data centers run more efficiently. Servers, storage, networking, security and data center management tools for several major hardware and software manufacturers are all in our portfolio and core to our business. This expertise also allows us to be uniquely poised to support today’s challenges:

  • Virtualization
  • Hyper-converged Infrastructure
  • VDI
  • Composable Infrastructure
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery

Whether a capital purchase or looking to acquire your technology As-a-Service, M2 can help design, build, maintain and finance your data center to support your mission needs.




Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and Client Mobility

Definition - Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI): a virtualization technique enabling access to a virtualized desktop, which is hosted on a remote service over the Internet. It refers to the software, hardware and other resources required for the virtualization of a standard desktop system.2

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) appeals to many Federal IT organizations, for the ease of management, security, data loss prevention, and more recently to enable secure client mobility. Client mobility allows a user to create a file at their desk, leave for another location and still be able to edit that same file from a secure laptop without ever having physical possession of the file or transporting it. As Federal productivity requirements continue to push access to the “edge” of the network, expanded access to files and applications needs to be securely enabled for the mobile client.

M2 Technology’s expertise helps you step into this new level of virtualization. Several proven methodologies exist (cloud, on-premise or hybrid) offering more than one platform and more than one way to implement. M2 Technology supports your agency’s need to identify the best fit for the mission needs. Along with our industry partners we offer the leading cloud and on-site alternatives to achieve your ideal VDI environment. We can move you from concept to reality.

1From Federal News Radio, Jason Miller, Closing the Gap between Government and IT, published May 22, 2017, URL: https://federalnewsradio.com/federal-insights/2017/05/closing-the-gap-between-government-and-it/slide/1/.




EVERYDAY DEFINITIONNetworking: the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions; specifically; the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business.1
IT DEFINITION - Networking: A system of computers that are joined together so that they can communicate by exchanging information and sharing resources.2

Your agency’s computer network is your most critical infrastructure - keeping users connected and communicating to applications and services is essential to meet your agency’s mission. Hyper-converged infrastructure, VDI, hybrid-cloud, big data and analytics have different requirements than traditional client-server data center network architecture. M2 Technology’s technical team brings best practices coupled with the latest technology to help design and implement networks to meet your requirements today and in the future.

M2 Technology offers industry leading solutions for high performance networks, secure wireless networks, WAN optimization, software defined networking, and network security and management.





EVERYDAY DEFINITIONCloud: a visible mass of condensed water vapor floating in the atmosphere, typically high above the ground.2
IT DEFINITIONCloud: Anything as a service (XaaS) is a term that describes a broad category of services related to cloud computing and remote access. With cloud computing technologies, vendors offer companies different kinds of services over the web or similar networks. This idea started with the basic software as a service (SaaS) with cloud providers offering individual software applications. Other terms like infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and communications as a service (CaaS) were added as cloud services evolved. With so many different kinds of IT resources now delivered this way, XaaS is a somewhat ironic term for the proliferation of cloud services.3

The Federal Government’s Cloud First Policy requires agencies to “evaluate safe, secure cloud computing options before making any new investments.” M2 Technology can help your agency evaluate if a multi-cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud, or private cloud meets your requirements for budget and security.

Public cloud service providers use different pricing models with lengthy commitments required for their best pricing. A mix of long term, low cost servers and short term, higher cost servers may be required to take advantage of rapid agility in a public cloud. M2 Technology can help customers determine which public clouds are most cost effective for their specific workloads – a compute intensive application may be best suited for a different cloud than an I/O intensive application.

XaaS can also be deployed on-premise for SaaS, PaaS, CaaS and IaaS offerings, potentially at comparable or better pricing than commercial or Federal agency public clouds. M2 Technology’s sales and technical teams will work with your agency to explore these options.

1Federal Cloud Computing Strategy, Vivek Kundra, US CIO, February 9, 2011





DefinitionCybersecurity: refers to preventative methods used to protect information from being stolen, compromised or attacked. It requires an understanding of potential information threats, such as viruses and other malicious code. Cybersecurity strategies include identity management, risk management and incident management.2

Cybersecurity is more than Information Assurance (IA); resiliency is a critical aspect of IA. M2 delivers customer solutions that address ALL aspects of cybersecurity by leveraging our best of breed IA portfolio, our industry leading data center and enterprise infrastructure offerings, and proven enterprise management software tools.

Coordinated cyber defense and resiliency at machine speeds is a goal for many Federal agencies. This requires perimeter and data security, automated service discovery, root cause analytics for both security and operations, and automated mitigation and remediation. M2’s technical team works closely with our customers to determine the appropriate solution for each of these areas to meet their budget and security requirements.

1“The National Big Data R&D Initiative,” NITRD Big Data Senior Steering Group. Web. 26 Oct. 2015.



Big Data

DefinitionBIG Data: refers to a process that is used when traditional data mining and handling techniques cannot uncover the insights and meaning of the underlying data. Data that is unstructured or time sensitive or simply very large cannot be processed by relational database engines. This type of data requires a different processing approach called big data, which uses massive parallelism on readily-available hardware.2

Larger and larger datasets from a wider range of sources provides Federal agencies the possibility of increased efficiency, cost savings, and new capabilities. M2 Technology offers complete technology stacks required to collect, analyze, visualize, and report on big data.

M2 Technology can help you address the Four V’s of Big Data

  • Volume – High-speed arrays, data lakes, hyper-converged infrastructure, and software defined storage
  • Velocity – Scale-out and scale-up compute, GPU/TPU, and high-speed networking and storage
  • Variety – High speed network capture and unified data integration from legacy apps, SaaS, devices, and other data sources
  • Veracity – Data catalogs and data governance

Our team of subject matter experts includes data scientists, enterprise data architects, and master data management specialists. We work closely with our clients to offer highly performant solutions to meet complex requirements and budget.

M2 Technology unlocks the fifth “V” of Big Data - Value.

1“The National Big Data R&D Initiative,” NITRD Big Data Senior Steering Group. Web. 26 Oct. 2015.



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